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23 September 2010 @ 09:05 pm
Mellowness and movie nights  
Hello fellow LJers. Just tossing up an entry for once, just felt like it.

Saw Charlie St Cloud with Stacey today, was fun :) Oh man, that movie..I dont know what it was about it, but it was so beautiful. It was shot beautifully, as a filmo i'm allowed to say stuff like that haha. I loved the story when I read the book, and after seeing it on the big screen I felt so..Mellow, and touched? It was just gorgeous, I loved it.

But it got me thinking. Do people always feel that way for things? Or do I just feel more then anyone else? Do I feel too much? I mean, what are you supposed to do with all that emotion? Pass it around? Put it in a little bottle and save it for a rainy day? Use it? Use it for what?

I just wonder sometimes if I feel too much, you know? And why. Because the way I felt after that movie, the way I see things, or feel after listening to a song that really means something to me, maybe just because it sounds beautiful, I know that other people don't feel the same for the same things, or sometimes even at all for anything. I have this teacher, at school, and I don't mean to sound stereotypical, or mean, but she's kind of a big lady, and rather rough, and I think she underestimates her own strength - and even when you ask her to stop hitting your arm, or just generally hurting you, she doesn't. Does she feel bad about it later? Does she even care? And just back to Charlie St Cloud - if I told her how much I loved the movie, how beautiful it was and how I felt after I saw it, would she feel the same? Would she feel at all? Or would she come to school the next day and tell me it sucked?

I dont know, I just wonder about these things sometimes, you know? Feelings, and stuff. I just dont understand how some people can feel things, and some people cant, and also how some people understand, or pretend to understand, what other people go through, but then when they are faced with a similar situation, they act differently, like they dont understand how much it means to the other person - like, example, someone can't go somewhere because they have to do work for school, but the friend just blows it off like it means nothing, like the idea that if they dont do this work, they might not get a job, or pass their exams. You know?

This might sound like it turned into a bit of a bitchy rant, but I swear it isnt, i'm just..Intrigued? Confused? Curious? Who knows.

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